IPS Publications

Several background, case study, comparative and policy-related publications were produced within the context of the IPS project. They were written by researchers from our partner institutions, ‘insider experts’ from former power contenders, external experts, as well as the research coordination team at the Berghof Foundation.

Synthesis Report

  • Véronique Dudouet & Stina Lundström: Post-war Political Settlements: From Participatory Transition Processes to Inclusive State-building and Governance. 2016. Research Report. PDF >

IPS Papers (English)

  • Katrin Planta, Vanessa Prinz & Luxshi Vimalarajah: Inclusivity in National Dialogues. Guaranteeing Social Integration or Preserving Old Power Hierarchies?. 2015. IPS Background Paper No.1. PDF >
  • David Rampf & Diana Chavarro: The 1991 Colombian National Constituent Assembly. Turning Exclusion into Inclusion, or a Vain Endeavour ?. 2015. IPS Paper No. 1. PDF >
  • David Rampf & Diana Chavarro: Entering the Political Stage. An Analysis of Former Guerrilla s ’ Experiences in Colombian Politics. 2014. IPS Paper No. 2. PDF >
  • Otty Patiño & Vera Grabe: Considerations Regarding Peace Negotiations in Colombia: 1990 - 2014. 2015. IPS Paper No. 3. PDF >
  • David Rampf: The Untold Story of the Workers’ Revolutionary Party in Colombia. The PRT’s Transformation from a Clandestine Party into a Legal Political Actor. 2015. IPS Paper No. 4. PDF >
  • Paul Graham: The 1996 Political Settlement in South Africa: An Analysis of the Primary Strands of the Negotiations and its Most Public Actors. 2015. IPS Paper No. 5. PDF >
  • Paul Graham: Committed to Unity: South Africa’s Adherence to Its 1994 Political Settlement. 2014. IPS Paper No. 6. PDF >
  • Nel Marais & Jo Davies: Interrogating the Impact of Intelligence Pursuing, Protecting, and Promoting an Inclusive Political Transition Process in South Africa. 2014. IPS Paper No. 7. PDF >
  • Nel Marais & Jo Davies: The Role of the Business Elite in South Africa’s Democratic Transition: Supporting an Inclusive Political and Economic Transformation. 2015. IPS Paper No. 8. PDF >
  • Padma Prasad Khatiwada: The Nepalese Peace Process: Faster Changes, Slower Progress. 2015. IPS Paper No. 9. PDF >
  • Balkrishna Mabuhang: From Peace Settlement to Political Settlement: State Restructuring and Inclusive Measures for Marginalised Groups in Nepal. 2015. IPS Paper No. 10. PDF >
  • Subindra Bogati: Assessing Inclusivity in the Post - War Army Integration Process in Nepal. 2015. IPS Paper No. 11. PDF >
  • Roberto Oswaldo López , Carolina Quinteros & Carlos Guillermo Ramos: State Reform after the Peace Accords: Negotiating and Implementing an Inclusive Political Settlement in El Salvador. 2015. IPS Paper No. 13. PDF >
  • Carlos Guillermo Ramos, Roberto Oswaldo López & Aída Carolina Quinteros: The FMLN and Post - War Politics in El Salvador From Included to Inclusive Actor?. 2015. IPS Paper No. 14. PDF >
  • Jok Madut Jok: The Paradox of Peace in Sudan and South Sudan: Why the Political Settlements Failed to Endure. 2015. IPS Paper No. 15. PDF >
  • Jok Madut Jok: Negotiating an End to the Current Civil War in South Sudan: What Lessons Can Sudan’s Comprehensive Peace Agreement Offer?. 2015. IPS Paper No. 16. PDF >
  • Guri Storaas : Participation on Paper but not in Practice? The South Sudan Constitutional Review Process. 2015. IPS Paper No. 17. PDF >
  • Agus Wandi & Nezar Patria: The Rebels, the State and the People: Inclusivity in the Aceh Peace Process. 2015. IPS Paper No. 18. PDF >

IPS Artículos (Espanol)

  • David Rampf y Diana Chavarro: La Asamblea Nacional Constituyente de Colombia de 1991 – De la exclusión a la inclusión o ¿un esfuerzo en vano?. IPS Artículo 1. PDF >
  • David Rampf y Diana Chavarro: Entrar en la escena política Un análisis de las experiencias de ex guerrilleros en la política legal colombiana. IPS Artículo 2. PDF >
  • Otty Patiño y Vera Grabe: Consideraciones sobre Negociaciones de Paz en Colombia: De 1990 a 2014. IPS Artículo 3. more >
  • David Rampf, David Castillo y Marcela Llano: La historia no contada del Partido Revolucionario de los Trabajadores: Un análisis de la transición del PRT de un partido clandestino a un actor de la política legal. IPS Artículo 4. PDF >
  • Roberto Oswaldo, López, Carolina Quinteros y Carlos Guillermo Ramos : Reforma del Estado después de los Acuerdos de Paz Negociando e implementando un acuerdo político inclusivo en El Salvador. IPS Articulo 13. PDF >
  • Carlos Guillermo Ramos, Roberto Oswaldo y Aída Carolina Quinteros: La arena política de las fuerzas contendientes en El Salvador ¿De incluidos a inclusivos?. IPS Artículo 14. PDF >

in Nepali language

  • David Rampf and Diana Chavarro: १९९१ फहहष्कयणदेखि सभावेशी उन्भुि वा उऩरब्धधववहीन प्रमास कोरब्बफमारी याब्ष्िम सॊववधानसबा. आईवऩएस कामयऩत्र नॊ. 1. PDF >
  • Padma Prasad Khatiwada: नेऩारको शान्तत प्रक्रिमा् द्रुत ऩरयवततन, धीभा प्रगतत. कामऩतत्र नॊ. ४. PDf >
  • Balkrishna Mabuhang: नेऩारभा द्वन्दद्व स्थगनको कुयो देखि याजनीततक स्थातमत्वको कुयो सम्भ ससभान्दतकृत सभुदामहरुको रागग याज्मऩुनयसॊयचान य सभावेशी उऩामहरू. आईपऩएस कामयऩत्र नॊ. 10. PDF >