3rd Georgian-Abkhaz- South Ossetian Trialogue on History and Memory


What did people experience during the wars in Georgia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia? What does it mean, to lose or hold on to humaneness in war? How does the suffering of people on each side of conflict relate to each other and how to find an adequate way of speaking about it, without hurting each other? These and other questions were discussed during the third Georgian-Abkhaz- South Ossetian Trialogue on history and memory which was conducted between the 28th and 31st of May 2016. While searching for integrative practices and discourses of remembering, which can describe the events in an adequate way and pay respect to the victims on all sides, relatives of the fallen, former fighters and young people came together in Yerevan, Armenia. The participants also deliberated on strategies of motivating own authorities to engage in practices of memory, that support a peaceful development of relations. The experiences of witnesses, their knowledge and opinions were at the center of discussions. One goal was also, to learn from each other how to deal with traumatic experiences and build up new trust. One of the strategies, developed during the meeting was to intensify communication through mass media and improve conditions for all citizens of the conflict regions, to exchange their views on these issues.

The meeting was facilitated by Oliver Wolleh and Andrea Zemskov-Züge and financed by the German Foreign Office.