New Publications on Effects of Terrrorist Listings


Building Peace in Permanent War: Terrorist Listing and Conflict Transformation”, a report based on a Berghof-funded project, was released and launched in London (Feb. 24) and Oslo (Feb. 26). BF staff Dr Véronique Dudouet contributed a preface and took part in both events’ panel discussions, held respectively at Queen Mary University and PRIO, and attended by numerous representatives from the research, NGO and diplomatic communities.

This ground-breaking report, by BF grantees Louise Boon-Kuo (University of Sydney), Ben Hayes (Statewatch), Vicki Sentas (University of New South Wales) and Gavin Sullivan (University of Amsterdam), represents the first concerted and systematic attempt to assess the impact of terrorist proscription on conflict resolution and peacebuilding , combining legal and political analysis with testimonies offered by those engaged in conflict transformation. It does so by relying on extensive interviews with practitioners and policy-makers involved in conflict transformation efforts across three ongoing conflicts (Somalia, Israel/Palestine, and Turkey/Kurdistan).

The report documents how peacebuilding actors who support political dialogue between armed groups and national governments or ‘bridge-building’ between and within conflict-ridden communities have been affected by blacklisting regimes, and what risk management strategies have been adopted in response to legal uncertainty, as well as how terrorist listing has excluded civil society from peace processes. The report raises complex challenges for peacebuilders at the heart of the problem: What does it mean to build peace in times of permanent war?

Similar conclusions, based on interviews in Colombia and the Basque Countries, were reached in a book chapter co-written by BF Programme Director Véronique Dudouet, and released the same week in the edited volume “Researching Terrorism, peace and conflict studies” (ed. By Ionanis Tellidis and Harmonie Toros, Routledge 2015). 

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Contact: Véronique Dudouet