Yemen: Fourth Consultation Meeting to support the political process


From 10-13 May 2016, a consultation meeting of 19 Yemeni Eminent Personalities took place in Jordan to discuss options and mechanisms for the inclusion of the Yemeni South into the peace and transition process.

The meeting was facilitated by the Berghof Foundation; it was organized in close consultation with the office of the UN Special Envoy of the Secretary General to Yemen and kindly supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.

The meeting brought together representatives from the Southern and Northern regions of Yemen, with diverse political affiliations and from different social components. In order to allow for a constructive and open-minded discussion, the participants were asked to engage in the discussions on a strictly personal basis- not as official representatives of parties, groups or regions.

The current war in Yemen has had a negative impact on the already difficult relationship between the Southern and Northern regions of Yemen, and created additional challenges not only for the inclusion of the South into the peace process, but also for the future of Yemen's political transition. Against this background, the objective of the meeting was to discuss how the NDC outcomes and the effects of the war impacted on North-South relations in Yemen.

The meeting further aimed at identifying possible options and mechanisms to improve the inclusion of Southern stakeholders and perspectives into the Yemeni peace process and the resumption of the political transition. The meeting was very constructive; concrete ideas and recommendations were discussed and will be shared with the Yemeni parties for internal discussion.

It was the fourth consultative meeting of Yemeni eminent personalities convened over the last few months. Further meetings will take place over the coming weeks. The main purpose of the consultative meetings is to enrich and complement the official negotiation efforts. The meetings seek to provide an informal space of discussion to explore and build common understanding of relevant issues among important Yemeni stakeholders while generating ideas and options to support the peace process.