Yemen: Third Consultation Meeting to support the political process


The Berghof Foundation organized and facilitated a consultation meeting of 14 Yemeni Eminent Personalities to discuss options to support UN-led negotiations to end the war and the resumption of political dialogue among Yemeni parties. The meeting took place in Jordan from 23-26 March 2016, it was organized in close consultation with the office of the UN Special Envoy of the Secretary General to Yemen and kindly supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.

The meeting brought together representatives from various Yemeni regions, political affiliations and social components. The participants were invited on a strictly personal basis (and not as official representatives of parties, groups or regions) allowing for a constructive and open-minded discussion.

The meeting discussion focused on inclusivity and national partnership in three thematic areas: (1) interim security arrangements, (2) restoration of state functionality and (3) resumption of political dialogue about the completion of the Yemeni transition process. Inclusivity and national partnership are the key principles, the Yemeni parties had agreed to in the political transition process after 2011 and, according to the participants, could still provide a basis for a new peace and national reconciliation process.

The meeting was very constructive, concrete ideas, steps and recommendations were discussed and will be shared with the Yemeni parties for internal discussion and preparation ahead of the upcoming talks scheduled to take place from mid-April 2016.

The series of consultation meetings of Yemeni eminent personalities aims at enriching and complementing the UN-led negotiation efforts by developing ideas and mechanisms to support the political process. The meetings further provide space for exploring areas of common understanding on relevant issues among Yemeni stakeholders. The meetings intend to complement and strengthen negotiations and future talks between the Yemeni parties.