Young Leaders Cross-religion Joint Council on Promoting Peace and Conflict Transformation

Grantee Information

Name: Associate Professor Abdul Rohman
Institution: Islamic Indonesian University
Location: Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Project duration: January 2014 – December 2014
Funding amount: 53.000,00 EUR

Project Description

The goal of this project is to increase cooperation among young leaders from 6 major religions in Indonesia to promote peace and conflict transformation, decrease religious conflict potentials, and increase the state of harmony in the country.

To achieve this goal, the project has the objectives to (1) research existing local wisdom from selected islands and cultures that teach peace and conflict transformation within crisis; (2) train young leaders to become communication and change agents, including young leaders from the six official religions living on Java island; and (3) promote peace and conflict transformation by utilizing local wisdom, technology, and peer-to-peer education methods.

The project brings a new element to conflict transformation in the Indonesian context, where the use of technology combined with local wisdom to communicate peace and conflict transformation is still rare. Indonesia is well-known for its cultural richness; peace is the root of the country. Also, it is the country with the largest number of Facebook and other social media users in Southeast Asia. The project will combine these potentials to promote peace and conflict transformation among young leaders.

The project addresses young people in general, and young people who hold leadership roles in their religious groups in particular. A group of young leaders will be trained to conduct peer-to-peer trainings for their communities, within their groups and interreligious groups. The unique element of these training is the focus on local wisdom, which can be very powerful in bringing about behavioural changes and conflict transformation. After receiving their training, the young leaders will conduct seminars in their local and religious communities.

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Publications & Resources

  • The module will be published in the second half of 2014.
  • A short video with impression from the Joint Council is available on Youtube >