Enhancing the resilience of conflict transformation dialogues in Syria

Grantee Information

Name: Leila Hilal
Institution: Conflict Dynamics International
Location: Cambridge, MA, USA
Project duration: February 2015 – December 2015
Funding amount: 50.000,00 EUR

Project Description

The project was implemented in collaboration with and with additional support provided by Conflict Dynamics International. National dialogues can be understood as creative spaces for trust-building to complement, accompany or precede formal negotiations in the broader context of peacebuilding and conflict transformation. Solutions that include local ceasefires or other forms of local mediation can be innovative and promising initiatives in this context, given the complex background of the armed conflict in Syria. They bear the potential of becoming role models for other localities throughout the country and hence help create conditions conducive to a nation-wide ceasefire and peace agreement. In this, local initiatives can connect to a potential subsequent national dialogue process. The project has also produced a series of theory-to-practice learning materials on local negotiation dynamics for practitioners as well as inspiring the formation of Syrian learning circles.

Publications & Resources