Abbas Sheikh

Sub-Saharan Africa Unit
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Abass Sheikh is a Senior Project Manager for the Berghof Foundation in Somalia. Before joining us he worked with various organizations, including the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and the Mogadishu-based Heritage Institute for Policy Studies (HIPS).

Mr. Sheikh has managed programs that supported capacity building at the Office of the Prime Minister in Somalia as well as a number of research projects in Somalia. He also worked as a researcher and a monitoring and evaluation expert. He conducted a number of research projects in Kenya, Somalia, Syria andJordan. He is the author of various research papers including a conflict analysis on the 1994 Rwanda genocide, a paper on social cohesion among Syrian refugees and the Jordanian host community and Diaspora and Post-war Reconstruction Nexus: The Role of Somali Diaspora in their Home Country and Capacities and the Needs of Researchers in Somalia. In recent years, Abass Kassim has conducted an evaluation on the youth-focused investments of the Somali Stability Fund (SSF)’s as well as a study documenting the perceptions that Somalis have on local security and the political and socio- economic situation across Somalia. 

Abass Sheikh holds an MA in Post-war Recovery Studies from the University of York, UK and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Nairobi.