Michael Arensen

Senior Project Manager
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Michael J. Arensen is Senior Project Manager for the Africa team, focusing on South Sudan. He has extensive work and research experience and since 2004 has managed and coordinated humanitarian and peacebuilding programmes for various INGOs in Sudan, Uganda, Eritrea and South Sudan. These projects included humanitarian responses across front lines such as general food distribution for almost 400,000 IDPs every month in Northern Uganda in 2005 to coordinating a multi-sector response to humanitarian needs in Jebel Mara, Darfur in 2007. Michael has also organized and advised different peace dialogues among conflicting ethnic groups in South Sudan including youth leaders (2011), women leaders (2012), and chiefs (2016), and managed a national peace program which partnered with dozens of community based organisations. He has also carried out different research projects in the field for the Rift Valley Institute, Oxfam, Norwegian Refugee Council, AECOM, and International Organisation for Migration in South Sudan. He has published papers and held presentations on the role of youth in violence, the Nuer White Armies, inter-ethnic conflicts, customary authorities, the militarisation of societies, food security, and protection of civilians. 

Michael holds degrees from Houghton College and Uppsala University.