Capacity Development for Members of the High Peace Council and the Ulema Council of Afghanistan

The project provided members of the High Peace Council (HPC) and the Ulema Council of Afghanistan with capacity-building to enhance their knowledge and skills in conceptualising and implementing an inclusive peace process in Afghanistan. It included two seminars to share other countries’ experience in preparing and conducting intra-state political negotiations, covering, among other topics, reconciliation processes that include former insurgents. The project provided space for joint learning on how to conceptualize and implement such dialogue processes in politically diverse and complex countries such as Afghanistan. Access to high-level professional resources and expert materials on relevant key topics provided the participating HPC and Ulema Council members with unique knowledge that can assist in developing a deeper understanding of conflict transformation and peacebuilding tools applicable to the situation in Afghanistan.


June 2013 in Berlin
December 2013 in Kabul


April - December 2013


Joint Secretariat of the High Peace Council of Afghanistan


German Federal Foreign Office