Conflict-sensitive refugee work - Workshops and Media

How do I make it that everyone who works with me in supporting refugees pulls together? How can I simultaneously show my appreciation towards social workers and committed citizens for their work and also communicate that I need something different? How can I tell them that legal and institutional structures also restrict my possibilities for action as a social worker? These and other questions demonstrate the day-to-day challenges of refugee work. Misunderstandings and conflicts are likely to occur if there is no appropriate joint dialogue. Even though most of the people conceive these misunderstandings and conflicts as burdening and frustrating, they can help to open doors and initiate dialogues.

More and more people, voluntarily or under coercion, leave their country in search of security, freedom and a fulfilling life. These flows of movement can change human interaction as well as established norms and values. Both the ability to deal with emerging conflicts and background knowledge is important in order that these emerging conflicts and changes can be used for promoting a peaceful co-existence.

With support from the Baden-Württemberg Foundation, the program 'Peace Education and Global Learning' of the Berghof Foundation developed and tested a workshop offer and a series of learning posters with the title 'conflict-sensitive refugee work' as a bases to address the above mentioned challenges. The offer aims at all people engaged in the context of flight and migration. Until June 2017, the workshops were primarily provided for volunteers in the refugee work in Baden-Württemberg.