(Preventing) Violent Extremism: Strengthening a holistic understanding and transformative approach.

Double book launch at Geneva Peace Week 2018

*Make sure to RSVP by emailing Beatrix Austin*

Berghof Foundation / Toda Peace Institute

Date: 8 November 2018, 15.00-16.00

Location: Swiss Press Club, Route de Ferney 106

Dealing with violent extremism (VE) has emerged as a central framework of analysis and policy-making in most Western and non-Western government agencies over the past decade. It is firmly part of the agendas and policy documents of international organizations as well. It is increasingly shaping the programming of many non-governmental agencies, and presenting a big challenge for peacebuilding organizations and practitioners.

The two recent publications presented and discussed during this event delve into the “Ecology of Violent Extremism” and “Transformative Approaches to Violent Extremism”. They explores the space for better alternatives of addressing violent extremism at the intersection of peacebuilding, human security and conflict transformation. As violent extremism is a trans-regional phenomenon that manifests itself in very diverse ways, it is important to share experiences and lessons learnt in preventing violent extremism. This double book launch aims to contribute to such an exchange. The editors Lisa Schirch (Toda Peace Institute, Alliance for Peacebuilding) and Beatrix Austin (Berghof Foundation), as well as some of the authors will be present. Among the latter will be Milicent Otieno, the Founder and the Director of Local Capacities for Peace International. We are also looking forward to welcoming Graeme Simpson, Interpeace, and Ali Altiok, both of whom are currently working on a piece which reflects on youth perspectives on violent extremism.

The presentation and discussion will be followed by tea/coffee and cake.