Mir Mubashir

Project Manager
Mediation and Dialogue Support
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Mir Mubashir hails from Bangladesh, and is a Project Manager for the Mediation and Dialogue Support programme at the Berghof Foundation. Mubashir holds an MA in Peace and Security Studies from the University of Hamburg. His research interests lie in the cultural, aesthetic, religious and systemic dimensions of conflict and conflict transformation. His work at Berghof has involved conceptual development in ‘insider’ mediation and peacebuilding, alternative forms of governance, National Dialogue, and the youth space of dialogue and mediation. An interactive theatre practitioner, Mubashir experiments with creative forms of dialogue and storytelling in approaching issues around social change, dealing with the past and conflict transformation. In this regard, he works with community groups in Berlin, and with young peacebuilders from around the world who join the International Summer School for Young Peacebuilders of the Peace Education & Global Learning programme in Tübingen. Mubashir also teaches a Fall semester course on Conflict and Peace Studies to exchange students from Nazareth College of Rochester, USA at Studienforum Berlin.

Past projects/studies

≡       Exploring the ‘youth space’ of mediation and dialogue
≡       National Dialogue Handbook
≡       OSCE support to Insider Mediation
≡       Tradition- and Faith-Oriented Insider Mediators (TFIMs)
≡       Alternative Forms of Governance and Insider Peacebuilders in Societies Transitioning from War to Peace
≡       Cultures of Governance and Conflict Resolution in Europe and India (CORE)
≡       Grantmaking programme


≡       The youth space of dialogue and mediation: An exploration <upcoming>
≡       National Dialogue Handbook. A Guide for Practitioners  
≡       OSCE support to Insider Mediation: Strengthening mediation capacities, networking and complementarity
≡       Tradition- & Faith-Oriented Insider Mediators (TFIMs) as Crucial Actors in Conflict Transformation: Potential, Constraints, & Opportunities for Collaborative Support
≡       TFIM Synopsis
≡       TFIM Case Study: Myanmar/Burma
≡       TFIM Case Study: Kenya
≡       Norms and Premises of Peace Governance: Socio-Cultural Commonalities and Differences in Europe and India
≡       Reflections on the CORE Workshop: The Potential of Norms for Conflict Transformation