Supported Projects

The Berghof Foundation has a long-standing history of funding research and practice projects of like-minded partners in the field of conflict transformation.

Grant for Innovation in Conflict Transformation

The Grant for Innovation in Conflict Transformation was designed for innovative and state of the art projects in the field of conflict transformation. The thematic focus of this programme changed regularly, allowing us to address issues that we considered relevant to conflict transformation and to support projects that we hoped would provide innovative perspectives and impulses for the field and our work.

  • Engaging Estranged Communities in Post-National Dialogue Buy-In and Participation (International Center for Religion & Diplomacy, USA) more >
  • Afghan Women's Roadmap for Peace Entering the Transformation Decade (Equality for Peace and Democracy, Afghanistan) more >
  • Innovative conflict transformation in Vukovar and Knin (Documenta - Center for Dealing with the Past, Croatia) more >
  • Enhancing the resilience of conflict transformation dialogues in Syria (Conflict Dynamics International, USA) more >
  • Young Leader Cross-religion Joint Council on Promoting Peace and Conflict Transformation through Local Wisdom and ICT (Indonesian Islamic University, Indonesia) more >
  • Youth Engaged in Circles of Trust (Center for Civic Initiative, Macedonia) more >
  • Strengthening the Role of Youth in Cross-Tribal Conflict Mitigation Processes in Yemen (Partners Yemen, Yemen) more >
  • Youth Protagonism in Honduras, Central America: Sports “Barras Bravas” for the Peace (Interpeace, Honduras) more >
  • Confronting Stigma: Community Profiling of Conflict Involved Youth in Nepal (Ram Kumar Bhandari, Nepal) more >
  • Peace and Tolerance Education Project in Chechnya With Interactive Internet Platform for Teachers in Schools (Peacebuilding UK, United Kingdom) more >
  • Development of Scalable Drupal Crisis Mapping Platform (PeaceGeeks, Canada) more >
  • Virtually possible: Broadening conversations for peace (Kubatana Trust of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe) more >
  • Understanding and Using the Digital Space for Conflict Resolution (Crisis Management Inititative, Finland) more >

Previous Calls

The Berghof Foundation has supported a vast variety of projects throughout the more than 40 years of its history. A selection of past projects is presented below.

  • Addressing Legitimacy Issues in Fragile Post-Conflict Situations to Advance Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding (University of Queensland, Australia) more >
  • Blacklists and the [De]Criminalisation of Conflict Transformation (Transnational Institute & International State Crime Initiative, Australia) more >