Berghof Foundation mourns loss of Ambroise Dakouo, project partner in Mali


© Ousmane SY

© Ousmane SY

It is with great sadness that the Berghof Foundation has learned of the sudden and untimely death of our Malian project partner Ambroise Dakouo in a traffic accident on 22 October 2018.

A political scientist specialised in governance, security sector reform and community dialogue facilitation, Ambroise was highly committed to contributing towards peace and democracy in Mali.

As coordinator of the Alliance Malienne pour Refonder la Gouvernance en Afrique (ARGA-Mali), under the leadership of former Malian Minister Ousmane Sy, he worked with the Berghof Foundation on our National Dialogue Handbook. Ambroise coordinated the fieldwork and production of two case studies for the Handbook on the Malian approach to national dialogue, drawing lessons from the 1991 National Conference and the 2017 National Conference of Understanding (CEN).

Ambroise was a member of the Preparatory Commission to the CEN, an inclusive dialogue format commissioned by the 2015 Algiers peace accord. He integrated lessons learned from our National Dialogue Handbook project into the design and implementation of the CEN. Ambroise also took part in the drafting of the Charter for Peace, Unity and Reconciliation, which resulted from the CEN.

With the aim of gaining a deeper understanding of the pitfalls and opportunities of ‘incremental inclusivity’ in the Mali peace process, Ambroise was about to embark on a new partnership with the Berghof Foundation for an upcoming research project at the time of his death.

Our thoughts are with his family and colleagues at this difficult time. He will be dearly missed.

The two reports co-authored by Ambroise Dakouo for the Berghof Foundation can be accessed here:

Report: National Dialogue in Mali. Lessons from the 1991 National Conference>
[also available in French>]

Report: La Conference Dentente Nationale mise  en-oeuvre et-lecons apprises pourle dialogue national au Mali >
[only available in French]