Children-Online-Award for


Bildrechte: MDR, Andreas Lander

Why does war happen? How can peace be attained? The online portal for children developed and maintained by the Berghof Foundation, has convinced the jury of the “Kinder-Online-Preis 2018”, awarded by the MDR broadcasting board, in terms of both content and implementation and has won second place 2018.

The award ceremony was held at the Leipzig Book Fair on March 18. Dr. Nicole Rieber accepted the award endowed with 2,000 Euro. Nicole works as project manager for the Programme Peace Education and Global Learning at the Berghof Foundation and is responsible for lives up to its name. The personal questions of children and adolescents take center stage. Users do not just find information, but also pose questions related to issues of conflict and violence, war and peace. In her laudatory speech, the jury member Susanna Erbring emphasized the important contribution made by highlighting that it offers qualified, honest and respectful responses appropriate for children and being diverse and colourful at the same time.

Content that is presented in a creative and child-oriented way encourages children and adolescents to think about and deal with complex issues. The editorial team receives questions such as: How can peace be promoted? Why does war happen? Why do child soldiers exist? Why is peace so hard to achieve?

There is a great demand for information on issues of peace that is suitable for children. The team thus greatly appreciates the portal being recognised and honoured by this children's online award.