Discussing lessons of Antioquia project in Bogotá


Foto: Isabel Correa; working breakfast with Ambassador Knieß in Bogotá.

"Diverse experiences and examples will have to be combined when designing territorial peace. This goes beyond successful examples and lessons learned. Regional peace also means social, political and institutional change." This was one of the notions with which German Ambassador Günter Knieß opened the event in Bogotá. The working breakfast brought together our partners of Preparémonos para la Paz from Antioquia, other departmental governments, key Colombian ministries as well as bilateral and multilateral agencies. Based on a presentation of lessons learned from the pilot project, group conversations highlighted the importance of putting regional needs and capacities at the center of planning and decision-making and defining an apt size of the unit to work with when engaging in territorial peacebuilding (in our project, the units were villages (veredas)). Moreover, the importance of sequencing measures for confidence-building and democratic culture with the much requested economic measures (e.g. infrastructure and income generating projects) was emphasised as well as the need to work in alliance with diverse actors, with the support of versed conveners and facilitators.