Encounter at Zaatari and beyond – documentation of project activities on conflict-sensitive refugee assistance in Jordan 2016


The recently released video and print documentation on conflict-sensitive refugee assistance in Jordan provide an overview on the activities conducted by Berghof Foundation in 2016 within the project "Civic and Nonviolent Education in Jordan". In 2016 the project successfully enlarged its field of activities by the component on refugee assistance. Within this component Berghof Foundation developed two formats of model workshops that target different groups inside and outside of refugee camp settings: a workshop of encounter and a qualification workshop.

The video clip "Encounters at Zaatari" specifically portraits the first format which focuses on the participants' joint learning experience by bringing together Syrian and Jordanian staff engaged in refugee work, and students of the masters programme "International social work with refugees and migrants" from the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt, Germany. At the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, they exchanged experiences and jointly learned methods on conflict sensitivity and constructive conflict transformation in the field of forced migration.

The print documentation also elaborates on the second workshop format, which focuses on the participants' ability to constructively deal with conflicts in general, and with inner conflicts in particular. A unique combination of methods from peace education, theatre pedagogics and mindfulness allows for the strengthening of inner peace and resilience. A Syrian community leader summarises their workshop experience, "this workshop changed many of my points of view and gave me more capacities to be in peace with myself and help others."

As a result on the positive feedback received by participants in 2016, both formats will be refined in 2017. Thereby, two more workshops of encounter are planned within the framework of the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt's Summer School. The experiences gained from the testing of the qualification workshop format will feed into the development of a nine-day training of trainers.

Conflict sensitive refugee assistance (engl.)

Conflict sensitive refugee assistance (arabic)