Launch of the project „Conflict-sensitive refugee work“


On 19 January 2016 representatives of organisations engaged in refugee work from the district of Tübingen participated in the launch of the project "Conflict-sensitive refugee work: Accompanying, qualifying, and encouraging volunteers" at the Georg Zundel house of the Berghof Foundation.

First, the project was presented by Uli Jäger, Programme Director "Peace Education and Global Learning" at the Berghof Foundation and Dagmar Nolden, Project Manager in the Programme. Subsequently, all participants discussed the draft concept of a workshop on "conflict-sensitive refugee work" for volunteers engaged in refugee work. Thereby, they debated challenges in professional and voluntary refugee work, identified contentious topics, and exchanged their experiences. Moreover, they pronounced themselves for promoting the perception of refugee work as peace work. Finally, learning media that had been produced by Berghof Foundation on the topic of war and refugee were presented.

The participants perceived the meeting as enriching, and hence agreed on reconvening once more in 2016 at the Georg Zundel house.