New work component in Somalia


October saw an expansion of the Berghof Foundation's activities in Somalia. With the support of an experienced local consultant based in Mogadishu, the Berghof Foundation will develop a baseline study on the current Situation in Hirshabelle state. A special focus lies on challenges in the cooperation between the Somali federal government and the regional government.

The project is funded by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and will run until the end of 2017. A proposal for a two-staged follow-up operational project, with a planned start date in early 2018, will be developed on the basis of the study's findings.

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Related literature:

Janel B. Galvanek: Grass-Roots Dialogue in Hirshabelle State: Recommendations for Locally-Informed Federalism in Somalia. Project Report. 2017. (Also available in Somali.)