Policy Dissemination Workshops in Asia on Post-War Inclusive Political Settlements


In late January 2015, Berghof Foundation co-organised two national policy discussion events in Kathmandu (Nepal) and Banda Aceh (Indonesia) and a regional forum in Jakarta (Indonesia) on “Post-War Political Settlements: From Participatory Processes to Inclusive Outcomes?”, as part of a collaborative research project funded by the Canadian IDRC (2013-2015). Hosted by the local partners Friends for Peace (Kathmandu), Aceh Policy Institute (Banda Aceh) and Akar Rumput Strategic Consulting (Jakarta), these events aimed to serve as a platform for presenting and discussing some key research and policy lessons learnt from the project (Inclusive Political Settlements >).

Specific focus was directed towards exploring case study findings from Nepal and Aceh and identifying some practical implications (and pitfalls) for policy-makers, civil society, mediators and peacebuilding/development agencies to support inclusive peace processes and democratic transitions on the Asian continent. Berghof staff Hans-Joachim Giessmann, Véronique Dudouet and Stina Lundström co-facilitated the events and offered some introductory input on the overall project findings. A wide range of local, national and regional experts attended these workshops, representing inter-governmental organisations (ASEAN, UN, EU), state agencies (e.g. Nepali Ministry for Peace and Reconstruction, Indonesian Presidential Office and Vice-Presidency, former Aceh governor, Afghanistan Peace and Reintegration Programme, various embassies and parliamentarians), local and regional civil society organisations, and the research community, at the interface between mediation, diplomacy, peacebuilding and development assistance.

Several Indonesian media outlets reported on these events. The content of the discussions will be documented in the final project report, to be published in Spring 2015, as well as an accompanying Policy Brief.