Service Centre to strengthen peace education in schools


The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports Baden-Wuerttemberg, the Regional Center for Civic Education (Landeszentrale für Politische Bildung) and the Berghof Foundation signed a contract on the establishment of a Service Centre for Peace Education (Servicestelle Friedensbildung). The new service centre aims at enhancing the network of actors in the field of peace education, making them more visible for schools and pedagogues and at setting new impulses and topics. Minister of Education, Andreas Stoch, signed the contract together with Lothar Frick, Director of the Regional Center for Political Education, and Uli Jäger, Programme Director of the Berghof Foundation. Uli Jäger argued for supporting schools in their efforts to explore approaches of civil conflict transformation and peaceful coexistence. "Violence, radicalisation, war and flight as pressing current challenges, do not stop at the schools' entrances. There must be space for intense and sensitive examination and discussion."

The establishment of the Service Centre for Peace Education is a first result of the joint declaration on strengthening peace education in schools, which had been signed last year by the Ministry for Education and 17 organisations from the field of the peace movement. The Service Centre, in coordination with the signatories of the declaration, will be located at the Regional Center for Civic Education and jointly managed with the Berghof Foundation.