Workshop offer for volunteers


Should Paul, an integration assistant, give money to his Syrian friend Halim, so that Halim could bring his family to Germany? The answers to these and other challenging and controversial issues were discussed in several one-day workshops on conflict-sensitive refugee assistance. The workshops are part of the project by the same name that is funded by the Baden-Württemberg foundation.

The workshop concept was first tested in Stuttgart and Tübingen in April 2016. Amongst the groups of participants were refugees, volunteers engaged in refugee work and staff members of Diakonie Baden-Württemberg. In various modules they jointly developed options for constructively dealing with conflicts, reflected on their personal attitude and exchanged their experiences on practical issues related to refugee assistance. A participant states: "Personally, I could take home a lot of helpful ideas and food for thought regarding my role in the group of volunteers."

Starting from June 2016, the Berghof Foundation's programme Peace Education & Global Learning offers the one-day workshop to people voluntarily engaged in refugee assistance in Baden-Württemberg upon request.