Meeting Centre on Historical Memory opened in Sukhum/i

On Monday, July 13th, the Berghof Caucasus Programme, together with our partner organisations, the educational center “World without Violence” and the “Movement of Abkhaz mothers for Peace and Social Justice”, opened the “Biographical Salon” in Sukhum/i. The Salon is a meeting space, dedicated to historical memory and the living histories of all people of Abkhazia. Over 40 participants, among them journalists, NGO Activists, and such honorable members of Abkhaz society as the archimandrit of “Novyj Afon” Father Dorofej came to the opening celebration. The first guest of the salon was Aslan Kvicinija, a veteran of the Georgian-Abkhaz war. He spoke about his memories of the war and engaged in a dialogue with salon host Mramza Djikirba (World without Violence). The mixed audience actively participated in the discussion, asking questions, sharing their memories and views.

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