Peace Counts Exhibition opens in Tehran

The ceremonious opening of the Peace Counts Exhibition in the Tehran Peace Museum was attended by 60 guests, among them high-ranking representatives from politics and society. Several Iranian television and radio stations showed great interest in the event and its accompanying posters which were translated into Persian. These posters showcase 25 examples of civil society peace initiatives and peacemakers all over the world.

Before the first guided tour of the exhibition, the vice minister of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Mr. Ghashghavi, the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Iran, Michael von Ungern-Sternberg, and Uli Jäger and Anne Romund from the Berghof Foundation addressed the audience. Asadollah Mohammadi, a victim of the chemical weapons used in the Iran-Iraq war 30 years ago, commemorated a longtime employee of the Peace Museum who had died the previous day as a direct result of the long-term health effects associated with exposure to chemical weapons.

The Peace Counts Exhibition on the success of global peacemakers is open to the public for several weeks. In addition, the Museum offers workshops for multipliers, school classes, and interested groups. These workshops are carried out by museum volunteers who were trained during a multi-day workshop facilitated by the Berghof Foundation prior to the Exhibition's opening.

Cooperation between the Berghof Foundation and Tehran Peace Museum should continue. All opening ceremony speakers expressed a wish for such lasting collaboration.

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