Interview with the Georgian-Abkhaz Historian Giorgij Anchabadze

A: What was it like for you, to be in our salon today?

G: The salon is very interesting. I will now watch all programs that I have not yet seen and that will be shown in the future. As I said already during my speech, such events are very useful, because they preserve information that is not usually conveyed in the media and books. At the same time, if this information in not replicated, it will die. Peoples’ histories are a very interesting source that will likely be used by historians in the future, to understand, what people thought and how everything happened.  Therefore, I wholeheartedly support this work.

А: That’s already also an answer to my second question: what do you think about our project?

G: I think exactly this: that it is a good project, and it would be sad if it ended. I heard it will end in July, but it needs to go on. There are still so many people to be found who could speak about what they saw and what they remember. There is a lot of information, but it is invisible. It is rarely shown on the screen, in the newspapers, on books and other media, many more respondents need to be found, this is all very educational.

A: What are your wishes for the future of Georgia and Abkhazia?

G: That there shall be peace and economic growth, because without prosperity, peace will not lead anywhere. That is what I want. And I want the Georgians and Abkhaz to find a common understanding at last. I know that they were historically close nationalities. I don’t know what will become, but the most important thing is mutual respect. What we have gone through, that there was no more interest, in what the others think and suffer from, must not be repeated. If there is quarrel, one always needs to put oneself into the partner’s position, ask oneself, how does the other perceive this? Then it becomes easier to find common ground. I am in favor of compromise. It is sometimes said, that compromise is surrender, but that’s not true. Compromise is the best solution in any conflict.

recorded and translated by Andrea Zemskov-Züge, 4.4.2017