Lair Espinosa Domínguez

Project Manager
Latin America Unit

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Dr. Lair Espinosa is Project Manager for the Latin America Unit since April 2020. Prior to joining Berghof, Lair worked on the prevention of social violence with young people in urban slums in Guatemala with the US NGO Mercy Corps. Earlier, he was the Director of the programme ‘Creating dialogue for social investment’, where civil society, the UN, financial organisations and governmental institutions came together to increase investment for social programmes on health and education services in Guatemala. His previous experience includes an EU-financed programme in Ecuador providing technical assistance for the transformation of the public health system implemented by the Belgian Technical Cooperation and the improvement of urban settlements in Managua, Nicaragua with the International Development Bank. Lair also worked with several humanitarian organisations such as Doctors without Borders and Doctors of the World in Myanmar, Central America, and Mexico.

Lair is medical doctor (Veracruz University, Mexico) and holds a Master of Public Health from Complutense University of Madrid, Spain.