Values against Violence

The international project “Triple V: Values vs. Violence” focused on the promotion of non-violent coexistence. By using the approach of value communication, youth were encouraged to actively reflect upon and work out their own values and those of others. Our regional project partners trained multipliers in the specific methods of value communication.
Organisations from Germany, Hungary, England and Northern Ireland were involved in this two-year project. The Institute for Peace Education Tübingen e.V., which became part of the Berghof Foundation in 2012, was responsible for the educational contents of the project.


2011 2012

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Several publications resulted from this project.

  • Günther Gugel (with Nadine Ritzi & Amos Heuss): Didaktisches Handbuch Werte vermitteln – Werte leben. Kreisjugendring Rems-Murr e.V. / Berghof Foundation. Backnang/Tübingen 2013.
  • Günther Gugel: „Was uns wichtig ist …“. Materialien zur Wertevermittlung. 10 Plakate, 30 Bildkarten und Arbeitsheft in einer Hardbox. Berghof Foundation / Kreisjugendring Rems-Murr e. V. Backnang 2013.
  • Robert Rymes & Nadine Ritzi (Eds.): Triple V – Values vs. Violence. 2013. Kreisjugendring Rems-Murr e.V. / Berghof Foundation. PDF >