And the Winner is...

The prestigious Peter Becker Prize for Peace and Conflict Research is awarded to the Institute for Peace Education Tübingen (IfT) for its Peace Counts on Tour project. Given out every two years by Philipps University in Marburg, Germany, the prize recognises outstanding projects throughout the world that advance both knowledge of and practical approaches to conflict resolution. We congratulate IfT, a permanent project of the Foundation, on their success.

The cornerstone of IfT’s Peace Counts on Tour is its multimedia exhibition, ‘The Successes of Peacemakers’. Based on extensive research and put together with the help of journalists and photographers from the Peace Counts/Zeitenspiegel Reports collaboration, the exhibit documents examples of best practice in peacemaking in conflict zones throughout the world.

Aiming to share experiences of successful peacemaking, the exhibit is accompanied by a series of educational workshops designed by IfT for local teachers, NGO workers, journalists, politicians, mediators and young people. To ensure greatest exposure and relevance, IfT always works closely with local partners to host the exhibit and related events.

Since 2007, the Peace Counts on Tour exhibit has visited Sri Lanka, Macedonia, Côte d’Ivoire, the Philippines, Russia and India, with plans for a stop in Colombia and South Africa currently underway.

Professor Dr. Dr. Dieter Senghaas, who is a member of the Berghof Foundation’s Board of Trustees, will be the keynote speaker at the award ceremony on May 29th.

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