General Information for Applicants

With our grantmaking programmes we support innovative state-of-the-art projects of likeminded organisations and individuals active in the field of conflict transformation who identify with the principles of our work. We welcome your interest in our grantmaking programmes and encourage you to follow the following three steps before submitting your application.

First, inform yourself about the Berghof Foundation’s approach and activities on this website and read our grantmaking principles. Carefully consider whether your own approach and prospective project is in line with our principles and values.

Each of our grantmaking programmes has its own goals, target groups, funding restrictions and requirements for funding. Study the information provided for the programme you are interested in and check whether your project corresponds to an open call for proposals.

Please note that applications for all programmes are only accepted in response to a published call for proposals. Unsolicited applications are not accepted.

If you fulfil the above-mentioned requirements, please submit an initial application through our online application form. Please note that applications in any other form cannot be accepted and that the online application form is only available when a call for proposals is active. For information regarding the detailed application procedures, please refer to the respective programme.