Latin America

Many societies in Latin America are plagued by a mix of lingering post-war violence and new forms of social rupture that arise from organised crime and social fragmentation and that local governments, international organisations and regional groupings are ill-prepared to deal with. By applying our understanding of systemic analysis and our expertise in mediation and dialogue processes, we provide hands-on support on the ground, particularly in the fields of process facilitation and joint learning.

Current Projects

  • Colombia: Regional Peacebuilding
    Focusing on regional peacebuiling in Colombia, our team and its network advises departments and municipalities on integrating peacebuilding in their regional and local development plans. more >

Further Activities

Informal advice and exchange, along with various events, publications and support in strategy-development provided to local and international organisations, complement and link our current projects. In that vein, we have supported the Peace Commissions of the Colombian Congress during an information and consultation meeting with Colombian expatriates in Berlin. We have also advised and facilitated the development of the country strategy of the Civil Peace Service (CPS) in Colombia and Guatemala and their partner organisations.

Also, we have investigated the Colombian case in the context of our conceptual exploration and discussion of peace infrastructures. Furthermore, projects run by our Non-State Actors in Conflict Transformation programme have included Colombia as a country case (see Inclusive Political Settlements and Security Transition Processes). Peace Counts on Tour has also been to Colombia.

Trainings and advice were also provided in Mexico, Ecuador and Peru. Furthermore, the Berghof Foundation co-initiated the Colombia Group in the Mediation Support Network.

Completed Projects

  • MAPA: Dealing with threat and risk on a psychosocial level within Human Rights
    more >
  • Colombia: Preparing for Peace more >
  • Colombia: Peacebuilding in Development Cooperation more >
  • Bolivia: Dialogue and Mediation for Insiders more >
  • Bolivia: Public Administration, Peace Education and Dialogue more >
  • Guatemala: Dealing with a Violent Past more >

From Other Programmes

  • Inclusive Political Settlements (Colombia Case Study) more >
  • Peace Counts on Tour in Colombia more >

Selected Publications

  • Uta Giebel & Barbara Unger: There is no way around it: We need strong teams for working on fragile and conflict contexts. 2015. Bonn: GIZ/Cercapaz. PDF >
  • Berghof Foundation for Peace Support & COMO Consult (Ed.): Gestión Constructiva de Conflictos Sociales en el Ámbito de la Gestión Pública. Monitoreo, Análisis y Transformación de Conflictos en el Nivel Central del Órgano Ejecutivo, Sistematización y Aprendizajes. 2011. La Paz, Bolivia: GIZ/PADEP. PDF >
  • Berghof Foundation for Peace Support & COMO Consult (Ed.): Aportes a la Construcción de Paz y Convivencia desde la Escuela. Lecciones Aprendidas en la Incorporación del Enfoque de Cultura de Paz en el Sistema Educativo de Bolivia. 2011. La Paz, Bolivia: GIZ/PADEP. PDF >
  • Silke Pfeiffer: Peace Infrastructure in Colombia. 2014. PDF >
  • Silke Pfeiffer: Infraestructura de Paz en Colombia. 2014. PDF >
  • Jaime Andrés Gómez, Hilka Langohr, María Claudia Linares et al.: Compendio de orientaciones prácticas y aprendizajes de la cooperación entre Estado y Sociedad Civil para el desarrollo de la paz. 2014. PDF >