Peace Education in Iran

The project "Promoting direct and structural peace education in Iran" supports civil society actors in strengthening a culture of dialogue and peace through educational means. The project contributes to the creation of structures for peace education at schools and universities in Iran (development of curricula and learning modules) through the implementation of direct peace education initiatives such as workshops, qualification courses and exhibitions.


2015 - 2017

Flyer Peace Education in Iran (engl.)

Flyer Peace Education in Iran (farsi)


Setting Since the beginning of President Hassan Rohani's term in August 2013, Iran's foreign and domestic policy is undergoing a transformation. After the successful conclusion of the nuclear agreement in 2015 and the lifting of sanctions, a large part of the Iranian population hopes for domestic and foreign policy reforms. International encounters and exchanges of experiences as well as qualification courses and in the collaboration on common projects can be supportive of the transformation process. There is a very high demand for expertise in peace education and peace research in Iran. However, there are still no systematic qualification programmes or relevant training materials. Given that about half of the Iranian population is under 30 years of age, young people are a particularly important target group for the project and it is important to identify points of reference for peace educational approaches in the educational system.


As part of the project, we conduct peace education training and qualification courses, develop learning media and enable encounters for young people from Iran and neighbouring countries. The learning media and curricula are being developed in close cooperation with local partners as well as with the expertise of European and Iranian academics. Additionally, the project brings together multiplicators from different provinces of Iran and other countries, thereby supporting the local partner in establishing a national and regional network for peace.

Aims & Outcomes

  • The Berghof Foundation (BF) advises the Tehran Peace Museum (TPM) in establishing a peace academy in Tehran, which will regularly offer courses and dialogue events. Together with local partners, BF develops educational services on the causes of war and violence as well as peace strategies and initiates contacts with German universities and professors of peace and conflict studies and pedagogy. BF also closely cooperates with Iranian universities and professors in related subjects.
  • After having conducted for the first time a basic course on theory and practice of peace education in November 2016, the former participants meet again to be trained as course facilitators. They will afterwards be able to facilitate the course for different targets groups and with different thematic focuses. For support, they can use a peace education manual in English and Persian which was developed and published in 2016.
  • The four modules of the basic course will be complemented by another module specifically for universities. Together with the Iranian trainers, it will be tested in two universities in Tehran.
  • A regional peace meeting for young multiplicators from Iran and neighbouring countries will take place in summer. It will serve as an example for a dialogue format to overcome the omnipresent tensions between the Arabic and Persian world, and may give impulses for future peace activities.
  • Local trainers have conducted Peace Counts workshops in different Iranian cities in 2016. This year, young Iranians from all provinces will come together in a Summer School, where they will receive an introduction to peace education and can discuss societal and political topics that concern all of them.
  • The local Peace Counts trainers will be advised by Berghof throughout the year wherever needed. Additionally, a group of students from Iraq and Afghanistan will be trained to become Peace Counts facilitators by the local trainers and Berghof. They will then conduct workshops in their home countries.

Key Actors

Young Iranians are particularly open, curious and prepared to commit to peace and non-violence, as previous experiences show. Therefore, the project cooperates closely with young volunteers who plan and implement peace education events. Furthermore, it involves educators and researchers who work in educational institutions, as well as multiplicators from civil society. The project qualifies and brings key actors of the education system and civil society together and provides them with a space for dialogue on how to develop a culture of peace through education.


Local partner is the Tehran Peace Museum.


The project "Promotion of direct and structural peace education in Iran" is supported by the ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) with funds provided by the German Federal Foreign Office.

November 2017 – „Autumn School“ for Iranian peacebuilders

Trainers from the Tehran Peace Museum introduced 14 young Iranians from different provinces to peace, violence, human rights and global citizenship as part of an Autumn School in Tehran. The three trainers, having previously been trained by Berghof, conducted the event independently, supported by Berghof materials and learning arrangements.

The Berghof project team additionally conducted two half-day events for students of the University Allameh Tabataba'i as part of Berghof's continuous support in establishing a Peace Studies program. The participants got an introduction to approaches and methods in peace education.

September 2017 - Teaching and learning peace in Iran

Teaching and learning peace - the peace education team of Berghof Foundation has, in cooperation with local partners, prepared a series of events that took place in September 2017 in Tehran. On invitation of the Berghof Foundation Prof. Hanne-Margret Birckenbach, University of Giessen, and Prof. Werner Wintersteiner, University of Klagenfurt, contributed to these events by giving lectures on Global Citizenship and the Logic of Peace.

Summerschool "Youth, Dialogue and Peacebuilding": 20 young participants from Iran and seven neighbouring countries came together for a regional Summerschool. Together, they developed visions for living peacefully together and worked on their peace skills. In interactive exercises and roleplays, they approached the topics peace, conflict, intercultural dialogue, Global Citizenship and Logic of Peace, and discussed conditions for a peaceful society.

Master program Peace Studies: The University Allameh Tabataba'i conducted a Roundtable as part of the development of a Master's programme in peace and conflict studies. Professors from the University of Tehran, University Shahid Beheshti, the School of International Relations of the Foreign Ministry and University Allameh Tabataba'i discussed together with the guests from Germany and Austria a draft prepared by the university. Afterwards, the draft will be adapted and developed further. ATU is reporting here and here about the event.

Workshop with students: During a half day workshop at the University Shahid Beheshti, 50 interested students got the chance to explore the topics Global Citizenship and Logic of Peace.

April 2017 - First Peace Education Training of Trainers in Tehran

Thirteen former peace education course participants received a training of trainers in Tehran in April 2017. The training provided space to discuss course methods, group dynamics and the role of the trainer, as well as how to plan courses. The participants reflected their own experiences in conducting courses and gave each other advice.

From now on, they can use the Peace Education Manual which was published by Berghof and the Tehran Peace Museum in Persian and English. It covers the main topics peace and peace education, violence and nonviolence, conflict and conflict transformation as well as global citizenship. Each section includes worksheets and ideas for the course conception.

Berghof Foundation and the University Allameh Tabataba'i signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the 19th of April. This is the first agreement on peace educational cooperation with an Iranian University. It will enable further cooperation, including expert meetings and courses and trainings with University staff and students. Report and pictures (in Persian):

December 2016 – Peace Counts Workshops in Shiraz and Saravan

Peace Counts on Tour in Iran: Previously qualified trainers from the Tehran Peace Museum have conducted two workshops in Shiraz (14th of December) and Saravan (17th of December). The workshop in Shiraz took place at the University of Shiraz and was attended by students. In Saravan, students and lecturers of Islamic Azad University as well as lawyers and town officials took part. The poster about traditional mediation was especially well received by the group.

November 2016 – Course „Peace Education“ in Tehran

A novelty in the Tehran Peace Museum: 22 participants from Iranian schools, universities and the civil society have successfully completed the first course on peace education in Tehran. In four modules, the participants were introduced to basics of peace and peace education, violence and violence prevention, conflict and conflict transformation as well as global citizenship. As part of an excursion, they exchanged ideas for their own peacebuilding activities. The Tübingen Team of the Berghof Foundation and the local partner Tehran Peace Museum will incorporate the experiences made in the course into the existing curriculum developed together over the course of the year. The accompanying manual in English and Farsi will be published by the end of the year for future Iranian trainers.

July 2016 – Iranian-German-Austrian expert meeting in Tübingen

How can peace education be implemented in Iran, and in which ways can international research in peace education and peace studies assist in that? For three days, six Iranian, German and Austrian scientists debated these questions together with volunteers of the Tehran Peace Museum and members of the Berghof Foundation. The participants discussed existing drafts for an introductory peace education course, exchanged plans for a future Peace Academy in Tehran and gave short presentations about their current research and the state of peace education in Iran. The European-Iranian exchange is of great value for the content of future workshops and the project itself: current topics of peace education can be contextualized easier and the network can be used for future (academic) cooperation as well.

February - December 2016: Peace Counts-activities

The Peace Counts trainers of the Tehran Peace Museum conducted and will conduct several Peace Counts-activities with different target groups throughout the year:

  • 2nd of February 2016: Workshop for members of the NGO "Council for Promoting a Culture of Peace for Children"
  • 13th of July 2016: Workshop for additional members of this NGO
  • 28th of September 2016: Workshop in cooperation with the Iranian Foreign Ministry and UNHCR for members of organisations working with Afghan refugees
  • 13th until 20th December 2016: Exhibition in the faculty of Law and Political Science of Allameh Tabataba'i University on the occasion of National Research Week
  • 16th of December 2016: Workshop with students of this faculty

Further activities in Tehran as well as other Iranian cities are currently being planned.

Over the course of the project, a curriculum and a manual for a basic course on peace education theory and practice have been developed in English and Farsi.

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