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The Berghof Handbook for Conflict Transformation offers a continuously updated online platform for both academics and practitioners to discuss new ideas and exchange experiences in the field of conflict transformation.

The website content comes in form of commissioned state-of-the-art Articles by leading experts and a Dialogue Series on cutting-edge or controversial issues by scholars and practitioners from different disciplines and world regions.

A first print edition was published in 2004, a second one followed in 2011. Berghof Handbook Dialogues are also available in print (see Dialogues). The Berghof Handbook is published in English. Selected articles also have been translated into seven languages. Experts from a wide variety of disciplines, backgrounds and countries have contributed to the Handbook over the last 15 years.

Further information on the editors, ideas and funding contributing to this long-standing resource on conflict transformation can be found in the background section. FAQs and an improved search function round off our offer to the community of conflict transformation scholars and practitioners.